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Benefits of Aquatic Therapy

Increase Flexibility and Boost Therapy Efforts with Aquatic Physical Therapy
Whether you are looking for ways to boost your aerobic activity or recover from an illness or injury, Aquatic Physical Therapy is increasingly being seen as the best option for individuals of all ages and levels of fitness. With aquatic therapy, you can expect to see increased blood flow to your extremities and muscles — which can speed the healing benefits of your therapy.

Aquatic Physical Therapy takes place under the supervision of a trained therapist, who has trained in the various requirements to ensure your safety and progress in a water-based environment. Also known as hydrotherapy, aquatic rehabilitation, water therapy, aqua therapy or therapeutic aquatic exercise, hydrotherapy provides a safe and effective alternative to land-based therapy which may be too painful or difficult in certain situations.

Increase Blood Flow and Reduce Healing Times
Increasing the blood flow throughout your body is one of the key benefits of Aquatic Physical Therapy, and simply stepping into the water can quickly enhance the healing effects. Since the respiratory muscles are forced to work harder within the water, the body becomes more efficient over time. Cardiac output increases as more blood is distributed to muscle tissue and skin, which can also help improve muscle tone.

Reduce Painful Pressure on Joints and Muscles
Patients that would benefit from activities such as jumping or landing are able to do so with less pain and greater confidence during aquatic therapy. This is particularly important for those suffering from intense lower back pain, where simply standing and walking are often intolerable. Aquatic therapy is also ideal for sports enthusiasts who need to isolate and focus on drills to improve specific


The warm water in the therapy pool helps soothe aching joints and muscles, instantly bringing relaxation and comfort to those in pain. Individuals with balance defects are able to perform exercises without the fear of falling.

Aqua Therapy
Aqua Therapy
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