Comprehensive Pain Center believes that the patients need to be the most informed people in the room when it comes to managing their pain. Unfortunately, our providers aren't feeling your pain... only you can feel that. So that is why it is important to educate yourself on where those pains are coming from and why they may be there.

Has one of our providers or medical staff asked you to "Dr. Google it" or research a topic that they would like you to become more informed on? Here are some articles and publications on some of those items!


Comprehensive Pain Center
We are a medical practice specializing in pain management and anesthesia. Medication management, interventional procedures, and conservative modalities are offered at CPC, with patient care always being our primary focus.



Address 1: Medical Pavilion at Howard County
10710 Charter Drive Suite 240
Columbia, MD 21044


Address 2: Stanford Overlook
8894 Stanford Boulevard Suite 104
Columbia, MD 21045


Telephone:+ 410.997.7246

Fax:+ 410.997.7226

Email: info@comprehensivepaincenter.net


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