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Medical Marijuana Program

     If you are a patient interested in obtaining medicinal marijuana to assist you in managing or treating your symptoms, the Comprehensive Pain Center may be able to help.  As one of the handful registered certifying physicians of the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission, Dr. Mark Matsunaga can assist and treat his patients through the activation of their ID cards that will allow them to obtain medicinal marijuana from a registered dispensary. Documentation must be provided which will assist in the determination if other medical treatments have been ineffective, and the symptoms reasonably can be expected to be relieved by the medicinal use of cannabis.


Qualifying medical conditions include cachexia, anorexia, wasting syndrome, severe pain, severe nausea, seizures, severe or persistent muscle spasms, glaucoma, post-traumatic stress disorder and chronic pain.




STEPS to obtain your Marijuana Card


  1. Create Patient Account to register for a Marijuana Card on the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission website.  Find out if you are eligible.

  2. Wait to be approved and registered as a patient with the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission to receive your inactive ID card number.

  3. Once you have received your inactive ID card, make an appointment for a consult with the Comprehensive Pain Center Medical Marijuana Program, with Dr. Mark Matsunaga.  

    1. Call 410 997-PAIN (7246) or

    2. New Patients can expedite the registration process by requesting an appointment through our Marijuana Doctors Listing

    3. Request an appointment by email to
      When requesting an appointment by email, please attach any  supporting documentation of your medical ailment. 


                           Necessary Information to send or bring to your consult: 

      • Un-activated Maryland Marijuana Card number.

      • Supporting notes or documentation support your medical condition. (radiographic imaging, specialist notes, labs, etc).


        • All new patients must have filled out Comprehensive Pain Center's New Patient Packet prior to the initial consult. (You will not be seen by the physician without this.)

        • Activation of your card may be delayed if supporting documentation is not supplied.

        • Follow-up is required to maintain activated card and you are subject to random urine toxicology screening.

        • Physician-patient relationship can be broken at any time, by either party.  






Credit cards, checks, or cash only.

Initial Consult with card activation- $300

Follow up visits $50 
Urine Toxicology Screening- $5 (random or as indicated).

For Your Information:

April 03, 2018

Can Medical Marijuana Help Fight The Opioid Epidemic?

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