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The Patient Portal is way to fill out medical forms and review your demographic, insurance, and medical information. Press the button marked Patient Portal and you will be redirected to create a login. If you have already been put into our electronic medical records (EMR) system, you will be able to enter your personal information and create a username and password and log into the system. If you have not yet been entered into our EMR, you will have to call the staff at CPC in order to access the Patient Portal. 

Filling out your New Patient Packet or Follow-Up Encounter ensures that we do not have to enter it when you arrive to your appointment and will reduce wait times to see the practitioner.


Due to the nature of pain management in America, we are expected to uphold a certain standard of drug monitoring and compliance. We have placed some documents here that are found in your New Patient Packet but can serve as a reminder or reference as to our policies and protocols.

Participation Agreement
Medication Agreement
New Patient Packet
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