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"The Greatest Discovery of my Generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind"

- William James 

Meet Our Psychologist

Dr. Joseph Eisenberg Ph.D., A.B.P.D.C.

B.A. in Psychology (Magna Cum Laude)- C.W. Post College, Greenvale, Long Island, New York 1966

M.A. in Psychology- University of Alberta, Alberta, Canada 1969

Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology- University of Alberta 1971

Dr. Eisenberg has been a Private Practice Psychologist since 1972. His services have covered an array of disciplines including and within:

  • Pain Management 

  • Organizational consultation with agencies and corporations 

  • Career evaluation and guidance of corporate personnel 

  • Forensic services extended to public and private agencies

  • State Attorneys Office

  • Department of Social Services, Baltimore County

  • Individuals (plaintiff and defendant) 

  • Direct assistance to the courts 

  • Industrial profiles and contract negotiation 

  • Staff management development programs

  • Clinical computer software programs

Psychological Treatment of Pain

"Pain serves an important purpose by alerting you to injuries such as a sprained ankle or burned hand. Chronic pain, however, is often more complex. People often think of pain as a purely physical sensation. However, pain has biological, psychological and emotional factors. Furthermore, chronic pain can cause feelings such as anger, hopelessness, sadness and anxiety. To treat pain effectively, you must address the physical, emotional and psychological aspects.

Medical treatments, including medication, surgery, rehabilitation and physical therapy, may be helpful for treating chronic pain. Psychological treatments are also an important part of pain management. Understanding and managing the thoughts, emotions and behaviors that accompany the discomfort can help you cope more effectively with your pain — and can actually reduce the intensity of your pain." 


 - American Psychological Association (APA)

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